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Energy spinning the world... Clean, reliable, environment-friendly.

The work methods of D-Enerji A.Ş. can be listed under three headings:

  • D-Enerji develops projects and makes investments.
  • D-Enerji develops projects and makes investments with its partners.
  • D-Enerji develops projects and offers them to those who wish to put them into practice.

Our company plans to complete its energy generation investments with an approximate installed capacity of 2,900 MWe, total 300 MWe of which is based on renewable resources, 1,400 MWe on coal, and 1,200 MWe on the natural gas, by the end of 2017, using our own resources and in cooperation with our partners.

D-Enerji A.Ş. does not only make renewable energy investments itself or with its business partners but also shows interest in those projects which allow the license holders to fulfill their capital contribution liabilities in the joint-venture company that will make the investment by exercising their license rights.