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Energy spinning the world... Clean, reliable, environment-friendly.

Having stepped into the commercial world as a modest enterprise in the 1970s, Doğanlar Holding has taken stable steps and grown in the light of its strategic decisions, and thus turned into a giant group of companies that moves ahead with a mission aimed at contributing to the social and economic development and provides services in different sectors. The holding, not only working for the country’s economy but also focusing on the environmental health with its social responsibility projects, also contributes to the international relations with its ongoing export activities in more than 50 countries.

Collaborating with various institutions and organizations from several different continents, Doğanlar Holding sets an innovative and global organization example with its product ranges that fit the highest world standards and the numerous quality assurance certificates it holds. While the number of directly employed employees of our Group is 1.200, the Group takes its power from the big Doğanlar Family that shelters total of 10.000 persons along with its social stakeholders including domestic sales points, international dealers, suppliers and partnerships.

Doğanlar Holding also displays activities in the energy arena, which stands to be one of the most crucial issues of our planet’s future. Incorporated with the aim to support generation of environment-friendly energy resources, D-Enerji A.Ş. has gone into financial undertakings with foreign partners to work in electricity generation that is mainly based on the renewable energy resources.

The other business activities of Doğanlar Holding may be listed as follows:

  1. Furniture    Doğanlar Holding is engaged in home furniture business in Turkey with its Doğtaş brand that has a day-by-day increasing popularity. The Doğtaş models that are designed and produced in a totally authentic manner are offered to the consumers at more than 400 sales points in Turkey and more than 70 sales points in Europe.
  2. Retail Store Management    The wide sales and distribution network of Doğtaş involves stores owned by the holding.
  3. Health    The Group has a private hospital in Çanakkale that provides services in 18 branches with 26 doctors and 220 health personnel.
  4. Health Tourism    Doğanlar Holding holds a partnership in a 120-bed thermal hotel.
  5. Real estate    The Group has a business center and shopping center in Çanakkale, and is involved in shopping center, business center and housing businesses and trade for enterprising and profit earning purposes.

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