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How Can You Buy Electricity From Us?

  • After you have delivered us the original or copy of your consumption bill for the last 12 months, we perform a consumption profile analysis. The objective of this analysis is to quote you the optimum price. We share our analysis with you and quote you a discounted price.
  • If you approve our quotation, we sign a consumer contract.
  • We register your company with the Market Financial Settlement Center as free consumer.
  • You give us a security corresponding to your 2-month consumption, as is the case with the distribution company from which you had purchased electricity previously. The security can be cash, bank letter of guarantee, or Direct Debiting System.
  • As of the beginning of the month following the registration, you can start to buy discounted electric energy.
  • At the end of each consumption month, your meter is read by the distribution company that gives your physical connection service, and your consumption information is given to us.
  • We issue your consumption bill and deliver it to you.
  • You make the payment to us within 7-10 days following the delivery of your bill.
  • If you benefit from electric energy incentive, you can continue to benefit from the incentive over our bill as well, just like previously.
  • In case of mains failures, the regional distribution company responds and corrects the failure. No difference is seen in the service quality.
  • In the event that your contract is terminated for any reason whatsoever, your electricity is not cut, you continue to obtain it from the distribution company from which you had obtain electricity previously.