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The energy generation investments planned by D-Enerji include the wind, hydro, solar, thermal and geothermal energy types.

Thermal Power Plants based on Local and Imported Coal

  • In order not to exceed the critical levels in the reliable supply of power, resource diversity, and foreign resource dependency for the next 50 years, we consider that, as the entire country, our lignite reserves constitute a strategic value, and regard the electricity generation based on lignite reserves as a strategic investment are.
  • At over 70 sites in various regions of Turkey, for which we have acquired mining license, our geological studies and drilling works are ongoing.
  • Following the favorable conclusions of the reserve works, we plan to make investments for thermal power plants with installed capacities varying between 75 and 150 MWe. Depending on the reserve and calorific values explored for the local coal, the imported coal contribution is also considered.
  • The applications for 3 thermal power plants in the Marmara region with installed capacities of 660 MWe, 600 MWe, and 135 MWe to carry out generation operation based on imported coal have already been filed, and their related EIA processes are ongoing. We expect to obtain the licenses of these projects within the year 2012.

Natural Gas Based Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plants

  • An environment-friendly fuel type, the natural gas is a very important fuel for the electricity generation for our country that is located on the east to west energy route.
  • 4 units of Natural Gas Combined Cycle Projects have been developed.
  • The Generation License has been acquired for the power plant located in the center of Aydın city, the installed capacity of which is 141 MWe.
  • The EIA studies for 3 power plants, one with 455 MWe installed capacity in Çine-Aydın, another one with 141 MWe installed capacity in Torbalı-Izmir, and the last one with 455 MWe installed capacity in Çorlu-Tekirdağ, are ongoing, and their final licenses are going to be acquired in the year 2012.